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PT.Nuansa Dua Warna Experiences in Making Desiccated Coconut

Category: Desiccated Coconut Articles & Tips Published: Friday, 12 July 2013

Coconut (Cocos nucifera) is the sole member of the genus Cocos palm-arenan tribe or Arecaceae. This plant is used by almost all human parts so it is considered as a multipurpose plant, especially for coastal communities. Coconut is also the name for this plant produced fruit.


This plant is expected to come from the Indian Ocean coast on the Asian side, but has now spread throughout the world's tropical coast.

Indonesia including state beaches covered with palm trees, including those planted by farmers in some areas

PT. Nuansa Dua Warna understand there most of the country does not produce oil, but they require oil companies to pharmaceutical processing, biscuit processing factory, biscuit factory, a bakery and for the purposes of cooking that uses coconut milk in addition the company also produces coconut oil consists of rbd coconut oil (coconut oil refinery bleaching deodorant) are useful for the manufacture of ice cream, biscuit supplement, pharmaceutical and household items for cooking and crude coconut oil which serves to complement the material production of scented soaps and other chemical items.


 PT. Nuansa Dua Warna, as broad view of plant benefits from the coconut fruit, which we produce desiccated coconut high fat : 

  1. Desiccated coconut with many grade
  2. desiccated coconut high fat fine grade
  3. medium grade desiccated coconut high fat
  4. extra fine grade desiccated coconut
  5. desiccated coconut chips

Because aside from the coconut meat can be processed into desiccated coconut, for now pt two color shades add a production for coconut coir fiber and coconut peat. there are many other uses such as water coconut oil which can be processed nata de coco and beverages, and a coconut shell that can be produced as coconut charcoal. 

However, because PT. Nuansa Dua Warna still not ready in terms of resources, financial resources, and time, hopefully to depat pt two color shades can be developed when supported by a good customer and if there are investors who are interested to develop the coconut processing, we are ready to work together is beneficial to both parties, advice and information from vendors so we hope for the future development of our company.

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